Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Season four Updates Audition Info for Housemates

Find out about the new happening to your approaching PBB Season 4 (Pinoy Massive Brother) truth television display of ABS-CBN channel two Kapamilya network. We’ve facts from PBB audition routine, requirements, dates and venue to the assessing of PBB housemates to be. Continue reading

Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition eviction: Joy Siy got evicted

It was actually the other night that The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition had done another eviction night. This happened for long time ago since the 2 teams, the red and blue has merged inside the camp.

In the eviction night last night, the reality weight loss tv show evicted the biggest in the female contestants, Joy Siy. But the surprises never stopped from coming in as 2 more contestants are already inside the camp to take turns at competing with the original and first contestants combined.

Biggest loser eviction last night June 27, 2011: Edden Cruz is out

Edden Cruz, the 35 year old palengke vendor from Cebu is already out of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition camp in last night’s episode June 27, 2011 where the eviction night happened. She was ousted by her co teammates in the Blue Team. In the meantime, the Red Team had a new training coach in Jim because the two teams will now exchange trainers while Jinggay is so much emotional in the event of the switching maybe because she has grown attached to the Red Team members. Continue reading

3 more finalists to the Pilipinas Got Talent

Tonight, June 5, 2011, there are 3 more grand finalists drafted by the judges and by virtue of the audience votes both online and offline. These 3 PGT contestants are Neil and Beth, Joy’sDiva whatever and Marcelito Po Muy. In the two last finalists, the judges will have to choose between the Joy’s Diva and Marcelito. Still waiting for the official final results to form the final 12 list of grand finalists who will perform in Araneta Coliseum. Continue reading

Melai and Jason Gets Closer inside PBB house

Melason fans will surely be tickled pink with the updates on their fave housemates. It seemed the relationship of the two had crossed the borderline of friendship, though what it truly was remained undefined. What was obvious, even to their housemates, was the natural chemistry between the two and their constant concern for the other’s well-being. Take for instance Jason’s aches and pains. Melai was the only one who actually went to the room and prodded Jason to get up. In response, Jason asked Melai to go for a dip with him, to which she agreed, after a bit of hard-to-get banter. The same concern was displayed by Jason when it comes to Melai. Tibo and Johan cornered Melai, telling her that Jason looks for her and expresses concern whenever she wasn’t in a good mood. This led to the boys teasing Melai about her relationship with Jason, asking her if she wanted to be courted by him. Her answers remained non-committal. “This is not the right time and the right place,” Melai reasoned. “Ayokong masira ang pagkakaibigan namin.”  Read more of Melai – Jason kilig story.

Toy Factory Story and Game in PBB Double Up

“Toy Factory” is the theme of today’s activity, testing the housemates’ creativity and resourcefulness. Clad in kiddie clothes, the housemates were given varied art and scrap materials that they would use to come up with different toys. Not only do they have to design and conceptualize the toys, they also have to create it themselves. These toys would then be displayed in the activity area, and would be judged by the Goin’ Bulilit kids. Read more about the PBB Double Up Toy Factory story.