Bulacan Resort: Visit to Villa Krizelna in San Rafael, Bulacan

Bulacan Resorts
Bulacan Resorts Map

Today we went swimming pool bumming and we chose to visit Villa Krizelna, a Bulacan resort found in the heart of San Rafael. The trip was a 2-hour long breath-taking view of the Northern Luzon plains. It is where you can see hectares of land planted with the Philippines primary crop – rice. Yes, rice fields abound in this part of the country, the same reason why in Bulacan is where you can have a dose of fresh air you can’t find anywhere in Metro Manila these days. Continue reading

Boracay Vacation Guide

This will contain the Boracay vacation guide that I am planning to put up in a post. We will be having our time at Boracay Island and Aklan for 1 full week before the end of this month. I promise that I will feature here whatever it is that I will learn from that vacation from guides to places other than this resort that tourists both local and foreign can enjoy.

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