Week-Long Rain Drifts Manila and provinces with flood – Typhoon Gener is out!

I’m sure many moms like me are glad that schools were being suspended here and there in “almost” the right time needed by students to know first hand information but take my case. I am glad, yes that the week-long rain gave way to less cost in allowance. Mind you, even if I am glad this way finance wise, I’d be happier of course if my daughter goes to school in a normal weather. I wanted her to learn more than just save money from allowances. Continue reading

Miss Universe 2011 Live today in Sao Paulo Brazil

Miss Universe 2011 live stream right now is scheduled to get revealed over at ABS-CBN channel 2, September thirteen, 2011 at exactly nine:thirty AM. So for those who would like to observe the live event from Sao Paulo Brazil, Tune in to ABS-CBN while in the stated time schedule.

About the other hand, if you can’t observe the event on the time schedule, you could possibly do so for the live streaming Miss Universe 2011 replay more than at Studio 23 of channel 23 afterwards tonight September thirteen, 2011 at about 9:thirty PM. This can be very good for many who cannot watch the event since they’ve operate to attend to.

Suspension of Classes June 25, 2011 due to Typhoon Falcon

I have previously posted a Typhoon Falcon update stating news on suspension of classes for June 25, 2011 school day for college students. Tonight just before I log out of the computer I heard another news update stating that classes are already suspended due to heavy and non-stop rains the whole day.

So to those who are going to school tomorrow, it is already suspended according to the news tonight, 12:00 AM June 25, 2011.

Typhoon Falcon Update: June 24, 2011 7:30 PM

As of 7:30 PM tonight, June 24, 2011 Typhoon Falcon update says it that there will be classes tomorrow and that from a previous speed of 19 KPH, now Falcon is faster while passing by at the Philippine area of responsibility at a 22 KPH speed.

Kuya Kim Atienza in his weather report did not say anything regarding the suspension of classes in all or any level which means that it is most likely that college students will have to bear with the non-stop raining and flood to go to school tomorrow. PAG-ASA on the other hand also had no advisories regarding the suspension of classes tomorrow. Continue reading

Mt Bulusan stopped erupting during Pacquiao fight

It was all over the news that people living anywhere near the erupting Mt. Bulusan stopped their daily errands only to give way to watch the Pacquiao vs Margarito figth. Although not reported, there were no alerts as to whether the said volcano erputed more ashes on its crater. It must’ve given way for the people to see the fight last Sunday. Well and good for the locals of Irosin in the Bicol regions. Continue reading