Spending Christmas 2013 in General Trias Cavite

2012 has really been so good for us family, the three of us, me, tatay and tj. We’ve persevered enough to let the universe know that we need a rest sometimes and we achieved so many goals we’ve never even imagined possible in 1 year span. Today, its December 24, 2013 and it’s also Christmas eve. The family is going to General Trias Cavite once more in Crystal Aire Subdivision to spend some time with the elders of my hubby, Sam. Continue reading

Happy Birthday To Me

My hubby already bought me the watch I wanted and I also got a new set of dress and shorts from the mall where we also bought our daughter’s (TJ) Christmas dress. What more could I ask for? Well, knowing that there’s still a couple more days before my birthday and I already got something special for me from my lovee dove, Sam.

It’s going to be my birthday tomorrow and I’m glad that as of now, I feel like I couldn’t ask for anything more. I just want to be happy and that means sharing whatever blessings me and my family have been receiving for years now.

I wanted people I love to feel that I love them and for that, I guess I wanted them first to see me happy. On the 17th of December, I’ll be, I know.

Rainy days, schooling and cooking for your kids

Here in the Philippines, it’s the rainy days. It also signals that school days are here for all those who are enrolled and getting enrolled whether for elementary education, high school or college. Cooking will also become prominent in most homes so to make it short, we just came home from a long weekend vacation from the new home of my husband’s (Sam Casuncad) elders back in General Trias Cavite in Crystal Aire Subdivision. Continue reading

Long weekend at Crystal Aire subdivision in General Trias Cavite for Father’s Day 2011

It’s my daughter’s rest day from college schooling in University of Santo Tomas (UST), Janne Therese Casuncad who is currently taking up IS course in college of engineering building. This means its going to be a super long weekend for the family starting Saturday afternoon after her class.

We are then bound to come over to our elders, mama and papa for the long weekend in General Trias Cavite in Crystal Aire subdivision so we didn’t make any plans, we just packed up, me and my hubby, Sam and brought with us our daughter’s Tuesday uniform. The car will be in coding scheme on Monday so we have to take the early morning trip back to Caloocan on Tuesday and she gets straight to school after taking with her the books we brought along.

This is just gonna be so much fun for all of us as we come over to the Cavite house. The air there is clean as well as the food is great with lots of fresh seafood in the nearby market. Hope we get along well as Father’s Day is just a day away. Chiao!

Celebrating Valentines Day 2011 at home

Us, me an my hubby, Sam we were so busy yesterday. The car was on a coding scheme and cannot be used to stroll around the Metro for some Valentine’s Day 2011 promo so what we did was to go to this small mall in Isetann Recto where he used to work in an amusement center as an electronic technician. He had a blind masseur hovering around his whole body for a shiatsu massage and swedish combined while I wait outside.

We have already agreed the day before to take ourselves there so it is what happened. After he had his relaxing massage, we went to the grocery below the mall and bought car wax, tire black and a few stuff to use for the old house we call home. Continue reading

Weekend Restday Still Working

Today is Sunday and I was supposed to be working for me and my family only but here I am in front of my computer working for the sites that I have been developing content with. I’m not sure if this is the right decision but so far, I am trying to work my way for the laptop gift that I want to give myself.

I want to go mobile this summer because of too much heat coming from the sun. It’s summer time and I want to work harder this time just to see if I can make myself earn the laptop gift that I have always wanted for myself. I know it is very possible to get in 4 months time but what I am not sure about is the helper that I have here at home. No talk about that anymore.

I just want to work my way to that laptop and for now it is all that I am thinking about for myself because it will be the greatest and biggest gift that I want ever this year. I need to earn at least 80k Php to be able to get what I need but so far, there are only a few bucks and that will not do especially that I know I have to do more work.

It’s time to work out some more ways and think about other options to add up to what I have been doing now. I gotta go and spice myself up more so that I can arrive at this figure. To do it, I have to work at night for my own sites while in the morning, I will work for the partnership I have here at home. Good luck to me. I know I can do this.