Just finished my 2 day Joomla tutorial course

I am based in the Philippines and therefore it is but proper for me to take a course that I can use here. First off, I decided to take Joomla tutorial course. It’s a 2-day training and I must admit I really love to be in the class and I enjoyed the training so much.

Yesterday was the last day of our training I really learned a lot from it. I can’t say that the course outline is so basic because it discussed all parameters inside and even outside of Joomla itself. A little of the design, SEO and more was also discussed to help us understand the more, the Joomla platform as a content management system. Glad I was able to finish it yesterday and looking forward to make my very own site with the use of Joomla.

I Got My PC Wormed Out

Yes, I got my PC wormed out and infected today. Not sure where I got it so right now while trying to post here in my blog, I am using my brother’s. I will be taking the PC to the repair station tomorrow but I am too busy with the last few requirements in school so I guess I will be taking my PC the next day.

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