5 Reasons Why Seaman Loan is the Fastest Non Collateral Loan in the Philippines Today

seaman loanAs I recall writing a very old post about car loan, I can only see myself how far I’ve gone since my husband has introduced me to the lending company with which he is currently working. At first I only used to see him assist different client for his collateral loan offer. Being the top loan consultant for this category in his company, I have learned and heard how he talks with clients and to this day, I have also learned how to handle a few call trying to pre-qualify client loan applicants. I have learned how to ask the right questions and know outright if a client has the potential of getting approved of a loan. While this is my personal experience being the wife of a top loan agent for one of the biggest lending companies in the Philippines, I now have my own way of doing things. Continue reading

10 Important Things a Car Loan Borrower Must Know About Agents and Lending Companies in the Philippines

know loan optionsBorrowing or applying for car loan in the Philippines is perhaps one of the recently most applied for type of cash credit in the Philippines. The major reason why this is so is because of the fast approval and turnover of cash proceeds by lending companies in the Philippines. This of course includes banks, private lenders as well as private financiers. They all have their advantages but when it comes to appraisal, charges and fees, how fast they approve loan, requirements and convenience, they have their own signature system you can easily comprehend and understand when you serve these loan products. I am a professional loan consultant and therefore, I know. That is the reason why I decided to put up this post to help loan clients and borrowers understand why they need FREE assistance from a qualified and professional loan agent like me. Below are my own top 10 reasons why loan applicants need an agent to assist them. Continue reading

Joomla course tutorial suspended: Bloggers and Good article writers wanted

Aside from universities cancelling classes, we also had a cancellation to the last minute of our Joomla course tutorial scheduled today. My excitement died a bit but I’m glad it will be reset to the next weekend because if not, I’m no longer sure if I will come to the training center.

Weekdays are precious to me for my work online and for the family. Right now we are looking for good bloggers who can write compelling content for us. Willing to exchange information on how much the salary and negotiate with those who want to take the job. If you are interested and you find this post, you can call us at 366 36 45 and look for my husband, Sam.

Lotto operator 2010 income surges 63% on higher sales

Source: ABS-CBNNEWS.COM: MANILA, Philippines – Lotto operator Pacific Online Systems Corp. posted a consolidated net income of P430 million in 2010, up 63% year on year, due to higher lotto and instant scratch ticket sales.

In a disclosure to the stock exchange, Pacific Online said its revenues grew 30% to P1.25 billion last year from P962 million in 2009.

The company said it expects “to surpass its financial performance in 2010 through the continuous roll-out of terminals for all PCSO lottery products nationwide, introduction of new games, intensified marketing and wider distribution of instant tickets and larger network of retail lottery outlets.”

At the same time, the company is considering the possibility of investing in other gaming-related ventures, including, but not limited to investments in casino operations… More on Franchising Philippines