5 Reasons Why Seaman Loan is the Fastest Non Collateral Loan in the Philippines Today

seaman loanAs I recall writing a very old post about car loan, I can only see myself how far I’ve gone since my husband has introduced me to the lending company with which he is currently working. At first I only used to see him assist different client for his collateral loan offer. Being the top loan consultant for this category in his company, I have learned and heard how he talks with clients and to this day, I have also learned how to handle a few call trying to pre-qualify client loan applicants. I have learned how to ask the right questions and know outright if a client has the potential of getting approved of a loan. While this is my personal experience being the wife of a top loan agent for one of the biggest lending companies in the Philippines, I now have my own way of doing things. Continue reading

10 Important Things a Car Loan Borrower Must Know About Agents and Lending Companies in the Philippines

know loan optionsBorrowing or applying for car loan in the Philippines is perhaps one of the recently most applied for type of cash credit in the Philippines. The major reason why this is so is because of the fast approval and turnover of cash proceeds by lending companies in the Philippines. This of course includes banks, private lenders as well as private financiers. They all have their advantages but when it comes to appraisal, charges and fees, how fast they approve loan, requirements and convenience, they have their own signature system you can easily comprehend and understand when you serve these loan products. I am a professional loan consultant and therefore, I know. That is the reason why I decided to put up this post to help loan clients and borrowers understand why they need FREE assistance from a qualified and professional loan agent like me. Below are my own top 10 reasons why loan applicants need an agent to assist them. Continue reading

Spending Christmas 2013 in General Trias Cavite

2012 has really been so good for us family, the three of us, me, tatay and tj. We’ve persevered enough to let the universe know that we need a rest sometimes and we achieved so many goals we’ve never even imagined possible in 1 year span. Today, its December 24, 2013 and it’s also Christmas eve. The family is going to General Trias Cavite once more in Crystal Aire Subdivision to spend some time with the elders of my hubby, Sam. Continue reading

Bulacan Resort: Visit to Villa Krizelna in San Rafael, Bulacan

Bulacan Resorts
Bulacan Resorts Map

Today we went swimming pool bumming and we chose to visit Villa Krizelna, a Bulacan resort found in the heart of San Rafael. The trip was a 2-hour long breath-taking view of the Northern Luzon plains. It is where you can see hectares of land planted with the Philippines primary crop – rice. Yes, rice fields abound in this part of the country, the same reason why in Bulacan is where you can have a dose of fresh air you can’t find anywhere in Metro Manila these days. Continue reading

Week-Long Rain Drifts Manila and provinces with flood – Typhoon Gener is out!

I’m sure many moms like me are glad that schools were being suspended here and there in “almost” the right time needed by students to know first hand information but take my case. I am glad, yes that the week-long rain gave way to less cost in allowance. Mind you, even if I am glad this way finance wise, I’d be happier of course if my daughter goes to school in a normal weather. I wanted her to learn more than just save money from allowances. Continue reading

Happy Birthday To Me

My hubby already bought me the watch I wanted and I also got a new set of dress and shorts from the mall where we also bought our daughter’s (TJ) Christmas dress. What more could I ask for? Well, knowing that there’s still a couple more days before my birthday and I already got something special for me from my lovee dove, Sam.

It’s going to be my birthday tomorrow and I’m glad that as of now, I feel like I couldn’t ask for anything more. I just want to be happy and that means sharing whatever blessings me and my family have been receiving for years now.

I wanted people I love to feel that I love them and for that, I guess I wanted them first to see me happy. On the 17th of December, I’ll be, I know.

Donaire wins unanimous, Narvaez loses promoter’s interest turns into the worthless boxer

We all know that boxing is not something that is just all about sports. Well to the least, when you were still in the amateur field, back then, you can proudly say that it is all about sports but the moment you fight as a professional boxer, that is the start of you being a commodity to sell and your sports turns out into business.

With this in mind, what Omar Narvaez has shown is a clear turn off for promoters, big time or small time they may be just like Bob Arum. Well it is simply because he failed to create a quality fighter image in himself trying to fend off from the punches of Nonito Donaire. It was a wrong business choice but on the other hand, it was probably the wisest choice for him as a sportsman and as a boxer.

Donaire won unanimously and that was obvious while Narvaez did not just lose, he also turned his head into a literally priceless trophy in boxing. In short, he turned himself into a worthless piece that no promoter would dare invest in. In another short term, he is now a useless fighter to invest on by promoters and I doubt it after this fight if he will ever get a fight for himself as big and good as his fight today with Donaire. Narvaez is a total wreck and a complete loser.

Filipino Flash vs Argentinian Hurricane – Donaire vs Narvaez live on Sunday

Yes, you read it right. Did you ever think that like me, the Donaire vs Narvaez live stream boxing fight match which will happen this coming Sunday, October 23, 2011 will be a toe to toe match? Why?

Well, just imagine if you were able to watch a previous fight of Nonito Donaire, well, what I can say is that it can be clearly seen that aside from being a classy methodical fighter, he surely is so very good in his counter punching. That bad right hook is one that Narvaez should really stay away from if he wants to survive the rounds.

On the other hand, the Argentinian boxer was also known for his being a slugger and a toe to toe fighter too which means that this will bring boxing fans a really exciting fight in the middle of the ring. We will surely have a good time watching the boxing styles of these two boxers.

Omar Narvaez also had a reputation of not stepping back from any opponent that he fought in the middle of the ring which we all know Donaire likes from his previous opponents. This means that we are surely going to have a good time but rest assured that within the first 5 rounds, a knockout will result.

There really is no doubt, from what I can see, this will be a close fight. And because both had the strength to knock out opponents, this will be a knockout contest. Yes, only one will remain standing at the end of the round that fighter could be just any of these two great and strong boxers.