5 Reasons Why Seaman Loan is the Fastest Non Collateral Loan in the Philippines Today

seaman loanAs I recall writing a very old post about car loan, I can only see myself how far I’ve gone since my husband has introduced me to the lending company with which he is currently working. At first I only used to see him assist different client for his collateral loan offer. Being the top loan consultant for this category in his company, I have learned and heard how he talks with clients and to this day, I have also learned how to handle a few call trying to pre-qualify client loan applicants. I have learned how to ask the right questions and know outright if a client has the potential of getting approved of a loan. While this is my personal experience being the wife of a top loan agent for one of the biggest lending companies in the Philippines, I now have my own way of doing things.

My husband lets me assist some clients who can’t qualify for a particular loan in his company and let’s me assist these non qualified clients to another lending institution, a private financier as we call it here in the Philippines. As I get acquainted to assisting more of his loan applicants and borrowers, I got accustomed to assisting non collateral loan clients like seafarers looking to get quick cash thru his company’s seaman loan offer. I came to know the different requirements and pre requisites for a maritime worker to qualify for this type of unsecured non collateral loan. With a wider experience today, I expect that by next year, it will be bigger venue for us to get more seafarer clients. At the most, we expect as we brainstorm daily that before the year ends this 2015 and as we welcome 2016, we will gain more leverage at getting more and more clients to assist in the maritime lending industry.

seaman loan requirementsRequirements for Assisting Seaman Loan Clients

So far, as a startup loan agent, I have tried and tested my skills with assisting seaman loan clients who were not able to get a loan approved from my husband’s current lending company. Since we have expanded and extended our reach to more clientele, we have also learned to get accredited to other providers of the said loan. I have also learned to pre-qualify safarers to a 1 day release loan and what specific requirements and pre-qualifying factors are needed to be met by the borrower in order to have his loan application approved and cash loan released within a 1 day time frame of assisting. Below as are some of the pointers that must be met by the seaman loan client in order to qualify to have his or her loan released the same day or to be specific, in about 4-6 hours waiting. All the borrower needs to do is to be patient enough to let the process go along as expected while making follow ups with me from time to time to remind me to keep on pushing marketing officers handling our loan account folder to speed up and expedite the process of approval. This is to maximize the process efficiency while minimizing the time it will take to get the loan approved and the cash loan released. Below are some pointers that are very important.

  1. Requirements must be complete. You can see a full list here.
  2. Make sure to pass only what is specifically required and pass them 1 day prior to actual application or bring them the earliest possible in complete set and in photocopy already.
  3. If anything is not clear, be sure to ask questions.
  4. Make sure to undergo pre-qualification interview if 1 day release loan is possible.
  5. If you submitted documents via email 1 day before reporting to the lending company to apply for the loan, make sure to notify your loan agent or consultant that you have sent it. It might just get overlooked if you don’t do this.

seaman loan optionsTop Reasons Why Seaman Loan is the Fastest Type of Non Collateral Loan Offer

There are so many reasons why seaman loan is much faster in terms of process compared to car loan or other collateral loans. Below is just an overview of ideas compiled together so seafarers may understand the reasons why they should apply with an agent or an accredited professional excellent loan consultant.

  1. It takes only 1 day to release the loan proceeds – 4-6 hours at the fastest and in some cases may even be faster if all requirements are complete and have pre-qualified prior to reporting to the lending company to apply.
  2. No C.I. or background investigation is needed to approve the loan which means less processing time.
  3. Seafarers are the type of OFW workers who can come and go anytime. Lending companies made sure that if a departure order has been verified, chances are, an approval will be fast to accommodate loan before the sailor embarks on his vessel destination and assignment.
  4. Approval and release of loan is extended up to 9PM in the evening or as long as the process has been completed and a final approval  is on the way plus if the seafarer has already applied for a checking account with the bank as the means for paying for the loan.
  5. Availability of branches has been made even wider thru provincial offices being put up contineously so seafarers who have their allottee or co-borrowers living in provinces be catered in a nearby branch.

To apply for seaman loan, please visit this page – http://www.seamanloan.com/.

You may also download and fill up an online form here. Or contact me or my husband using the contact details below.

Call to ask about any of our Loan products – Sam Casuncad (Pinoy loan consultant)
home office phone: 542 7015 / 366 3645
Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532
Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335
Globe No 0917 – 5019245
Email application form at info@loanph.com

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