Spending Christmas 2013 in General Trias Cavite

2012 has really been so good for us family, the three of us, me, tatay and tj. We’ve persevered enough to let the universe know that we need a rest sometimes and we achieved so many goals we’ve never even imagined possible in 1 year span. Today, its December 24, 2013 and it’s also Christmas eve. The family is going to General Trias Cavite once more in Crystal Aire Subdivision to spend some time with the elders of my hubby, Sam.

We are all excited, brought all stuff to make a more meaningful and happier Christmas eve tonight. We brought our home theater videoke set and we are all going to sing our hearts out tonight for sure while drinking some wine from Italy. My hubby has been very successful with my support and we both recognize all the blessings as this post hopes to let the universe know that it will and must correspond to all our achievement this year as well as what we can see in the coming 2014.

Thank you oh Lord for all these blessings, a husband whose very industrious, forgiving and loving and a daughter whose very intelligent and loving too. Good bless all those who may read this post and Merry Christmas!

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