Bulacan Resort: Visit to Villa Krizelna in San Rafael, Bulacan

Bulacan Resorts
Bulacan Resorts Map

Today we went swimming pool bumming and we chose to visit Villa Krizelna, a Bulacan resort found in the heart of San Rafael. The trip was a 2-hour long breath-taking view of the Northern Luzon plains. It is where you can see hectares of land planted with the Philippines primary crop – rice. Yes, rice fields abound in this part of the country, the same reason why in Bulacan is where you can have a dose of fresh air you can’t find anywhere in Metro Manila these days.

We finally found refuge in this bit secluded area passing by Big Rock farm resort. Inside the resort is where you can find cute bahay kubo cottages near the entrance. It is also the first swimming the family have been to where you can see a portion dedicated to swimming under a roof. Great for those who don’t want to get sun burn from the summer heat of the sun. A vacation-fit for the family, a treat for the kids and a great way to ward off the heat that we are currently feeling with tremendous effect on the skin.

All this is probably because of the climate change that is happening so they say all over the world. The weather has drastically changed indeed and because of this, yearly, Pinoys flock to different summer destinations like swimming pool resorts and beaches. The Philippines is no exception to this. This year, Villa Krizelna is out choice and we just made the right decision. We didn’t waste time trying to get there as we marveled through the very long road of the NLEX or North Luzon Expressway. To see and find more resorts in bulacan, you can also visit the official government website of Bulacan here – http://www.bulacan.gov.ph/tourism/resorts.php

You can watch a video of the collection below that I took from Youtube.com


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