Week-Long Rain Drifts Manila and provinces with flood – Typhoon Gener is out!

I’m sure many moms like me are glad that schools were being suspended here and there in “almost” the right time needed by students to know first hand information but take my case. I am glad, yes that the week-long rain gave way to less cost in allowance. Mind you, even if I am glad this way finance wise, I’d be happier of course if my daughter goes to school in a normal weather. I wanted her to learn more than just save money from allowances.

Anyway, as per update of typhoon Gener is already out of the country and heading to China. I’m glad as much as I know many moms are because the dilemma of having to walk in the streets with flood increases the chances of us getting leptospirosis also increases. I want to catch one so I am careful as well as my family regarding this. I never fail to remind then that if they have injuries or open wounds in the feet and leg area to not to let themselves get stuck in the flood. DOH warning says it that this is not a good thing to do if you don’t want to catch the said virus/illness. Let us all follow DOH then for a health conscious community.


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