Donaire wins unanimous, Narvaez loses promoter’s interest turns into the worthless boxer

We all know that boxing is not something that is just all about sports. Well to the least, when you were still in the amateur field, back then, you can proudly say that it is all about sports but the moment you fight as a professional boxer, that is the start of you being a commodity to sell and your sports turns out into business.

With this in mind, what Omar Narvaez has shown is a clear turn off for promoters, big time or small time they may be just like Bob Arum. Well it is simply because he failed to create a quality fighter image in himself trying to fend off from the punches of Nonito Donaire. It was a wrong business choice but on the other hand, it was probably the wisest choice for him as a sportsman and as a boxer.

Donaire won unanimously and that was obvious while Narvaez did not just lose, he also turned his head into a literally priceless trophy in boxing. In short, he turned himself into a worthless piece that no promoter would dare invest in. In another short term, he is now a useless fighter to invest on by promoters and I doubt it after this fight if he will ever get a fight for himself as big and good as his fight today with Donaire. Narvaez is a total wreck and a complete loser.


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