Finding POEA jobs overseas with DOLE

DOLE or the Department of Labor and Employment has always been an active agency in the Philippines with respect to providing jobs. Although you can actually find a good one duly referred by this agency, I’d still want you guys and readers to find time checking for POEA jobs overseas at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

Why? Simply because the diversity of job openings there almost limitless when we talk about the different duly approved, licensed and accredited agencies as well as the number of positions with which you can literally choose from.

If you are looking for information on where to find POEA, just go to EDSA corner Ortigas either by riding the MRT 2 in EDSA taft or going to Greenhills via the G Liner bus going to Cainta at Quiapo Manila / Morayta bus station.

If this is not enough, I would like to suggest that you take any ride you could get or know going to corner Ortigas EDSA or Ortigas Greenhills shopping center and take a taxi cab instead. It would cost you less time and less expense in transportation to do that instead of going straight there via taxi. POEA jobs are only some of the best choices you have if you are Pinoy or a displaced OFW employed abroad.


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