Biggest loser eviction last night June 27, 2011: Edden Cruz is out

Edden Cruz, the 35 year old palengke vendor from Cebu is already out of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition camp in last night’s episode June 27, 2011 where the eviction night happened. She was ousted by her co teammates in the Blue Team. In the meantime, the Red Team had a new training coach in Jim because the two teams will now exchange trainers while Jinggay is so much emotional in the event of the switching maybe because she has grown attached to the Red Team members.

Jim was cool on the other hand accepting his fate and his former teams fate who are now under the hands of Jinggay. The female trainer on the midst of her being so much emotional requested and asked that she please be given a day, just one day with her now former team mates, the Red Team. Not sure if the program will allow it. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates or subscribe to my feeds in the sidebar.


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