After the vacation to Boracay: sick in front of the computer

True, just right after the long 10 days of vacation to Aklan and 2 days in Boracay, we all went back to our guest house room in Buruanga. After which we came home to the old house by my great grand father (lolo).

Going home to Manila and still on the way to ride the RORO bus to the vessel, I took a cold. Heat of the sun and cold dew when it rains at night had me catching cold just a day before our trip to Manila back from the long vacation.

Twas fun to get sick again after so many years as I seem to have forgotten how it feels. Now that I am here, how I want this cold to just go!

I took lots of calamansi juice with a touch of honey. Very very nice drink and perhaps after 3 days, this cold will be gone in the wind. What is good back in Buruanga is the clean fresh air and fresh vegetables and fish. wow!!! We’ll surely be back.


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