Celebrating Valentines Day 2011 at home

Us, me an my hubby, Sam we were so busy yesterday. The car was on a coding scheme and cannot be used to stroll around the Metro for some Valentine’s Day 2011 promo so what we did was to go to this small mall in Isetann Recto where he used to work in an amusement center as an electronic technician. He had a blind masseur hovering around his whole body for a shiatsu massage and swedish combined while I wait outside.

We have already agreed the day before to take ourselves there so it is what happened. After he had his relaxing massage, we went to the grocery below the mall and bought car wax, tire black and a few stuff to use for the old house we call home.

As agreed, after buying grocery items, we will go to Tutuban Mall to have a look if the dress we saw is still there and to buy it. Unlucky as we turned out, the black cozy dress is already bought by someone else. Still taking turns at wondering how come when it was only yesterday afternoon, my hubby said this couldn’t be the store we went in to as there were countless like this one so we walked and walked and walked around Tutuban Mall.

He finally said, no that is not the store we went in to yesterday and then decided to seek for it. Finally finding the right store, we were saddened because the dress was indeed bought already. We took a look for some other designs and finally found one almost resembling what we wanted to buy so we settled for it. The store owner didn’t want to give it at the price we saw the other dress yesterday but because of my hubby’s persistence, they sold it at the price we agreed the other day. Happy and excited as we go home, waiting for our daughter to come home, this time, we prepared. The next story comes on the next post for Analie Casuncad and her Valentine.


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