Watched Yogi Bear movie with my hubby and princess TJ

Last Saturday, the three of us enjoyed watching Yogi Bear movie. What’s best with that day is that we finally found time to go to the theater, the three of us. It was a little bit hilarious although what is odd is that very few watched the new movie.

To get a little bit of a tipping mother, here’s what we did to save a little money out of food expenses while watching. First off, we bought our food from the local grocery of SM. Aside from you get to choose which snacks you want to eat, you get to buy more than what you expect. That is, because we all know the prices of cinema food in SM malls.

Anyway, after the movie, we agreed to do it on a regular basis without hesitation. Bonding to the max at least once a month would be good for the 3 of us so expect that next month we will be in theaters to see at least a new movie and get to pay taxes that way. With torrent downloads, we usually get to watch the latest movies for free so this time, we pay. Nice nice nice!!!


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