Grilling Hasa Hasa fish is fun and healthy

I had so much fun today grilling the Hasa Hasa fishg we bought at the Sunny Brooke market here from where I currently stay in Cavite Genral Trias. We live by the way at Crystal Aire Subdivision along Bonifacio Drive near Monterey in San Francisco where we watch teleserye every night.

Well, going back to the grilled fish we are going to have for lunch today at home plus the bitter fruit (ampalaya) cooked with boiled pork. We don’t use cooking oil much at home now since Papa had a mild stroke and believe it or not, he never felt better today ever in his life before since we did it. I found out that all processed food is never good for health even those canola oil or corn oil or even the claimed health cooking oil which is the vegetable oil.

It is still best to have fishes, meat, vegies grilled and half cooked for eating which helped a lot lower the cholesterol level of human body. We also lessened the amount of carbohydrates we eat and believe me or not, after the last check up of Papa, he never had as low a blood pressure in all his life at 120/70. Way even lower than my 120/80 BP. Great eh! so if I were you, grill your fish rather than cook it with cooking oil of all sorts. Well, of course it would be safer to use virgin coconut oil.


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