Willie Revillame wants out of ABS-CBN contract

Hard-headed Willie Revillame, exiled host of the defunct noontime show, Wowowee wants out of the contract with ABS-CBN. The actor-tv host said in an interview that he should be let go by the ABS-CBN management so he can move on to what is waiting out there for him.

Fans of the noontime show were half cut by the decision of Willie Revillame since there were two sides of the card. According to ABS-CBN management, Willie cannot bail out of his contract and get other related jobs as what he does when he is still with Wowowee.

ABS-CBN management is stiff on implementing their contract that Willie stays bound by it until September next year. Let us just see what happens next or if there will ever be cases filed for or against any of the 2 parties involved. Is willie Revillame really getting to show his hard-headedness or is he just fighting for what he and his lawyers know is right?


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