Mar Roxas Accepts Vice President Bid by Noynoy

Mar Roxas has finally annoucne in Club Filipino and accepted the request of not only senator Noynoy Aquino but also the plea of the people for him to run side by side with Noynoy Aquino as his vice presidential bid for the upcoming 2010 Philippine Election. Noynoy is glad as well as the people who believes in the team up of the two.

This is so far the strongest ally ever in the history of Philippines elections and the people as well as the Filipinos abroad believes that this will be the best bet of the opposition. Mar is a true fighter but with the heart of a loving Pinoy that he gave his only dream to serve the people to give way for what he believes would the best choice. We salute you, Mar for such braveness and willingness to give way for a true leadership.

We just hope Noy will not fail the Filipino people. It has always been the dream and deed of his mom so we believe that with delicadeza, Noynoy will not give in to temptations which we all know abound by bulk in the Malacanang palace. Noynoy – Mar in 2010 is finally up and running and we all believe this will be the winner at the end of all the process. “Wag lang sanang dayain” (just don’t cheat) because I believe that if this ever happens, there will be no tomorrow for those who will try.


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