Boys Over Flowers in New Timeslot

Why would a new teleserye or koreanovela such as Boys Over Flowers ever change time slot from its original primetime viewing? I can only see one reason although we can actually name many if we try to think of it or at least try to deliberate about it.

The reason for me behind the sudden change of time slot given for Boys Over Flowers koreanovela is because the network that owns the rights for its broadcasting had seen a big potential that this new time slot will give a little bit more push to get a larger audience share than what is used to have in the first day.

This was already seen when the said koreanovela teleserye showed a big take on the audience for primetime viewing on its first day alone. This is a wise business move in the part of ABS -CBN and also a big convenience for the patrons and fans of the new F4 from the said series.

Now, even little boys and girls can have a good time seeing it just like how Meteor Garden took the country. This proves further that BOF is truly hot these days and I know that in time  it will take the fans by storm especially with the news that the boys will be coming over to the Philippines.


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