Where Dental Health is a Must

In the military, I learned that it is a must to have a healthy teeth as well as overall dental condition of the soldiers. I came to know about this rule before you can get to serve your country when a close friend from Vancouver told me. He used to serve in the Philippines Military Force for almost 5 years until he decided to pursue his marine engineering course and finish it to get employment abroad.

I didn’t know anything about this until today when that good friend of mine told me. He said that it is a must that before you can get in the military, you have to have a complete set of teeth with all of them in good condition or you will not be admitted in the training alone. This is a good example for those are looking to serve their country by going into training here in the Philippines.

I am not sure if this works the same as other countries have it but for one thing, it is a major concern for many people around the world to attain good health on their teeth. Reminds me today that with the availability of cosmetic dentistry like in Vancouver whey my friend now works that we should all go for a healthy dental condition. The reson is simple, it is part of our daily lives to use our teeth and therefore we should really take care of it at all cost. Stay healthy and live your life longer now.


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