Boracay Vacation Guide

This will contain the Boracay vacation guide that I am planning to put up in a post. We will be having our time at Boracay Island and Aklan for 1 full week before the end of this month. I promise that I will feature here whatever it is that I will learn from that vacation from guides to places other than this resort that tourists both local and foreign can enjoy.

This Boracay vacation guide hopes to let people who come here regularly that there is more to Aklan than just swimming in the cool, calm and fresh white sand beach waters of Boracay resorts out there in the isolated island. There are great and interesting festivities that you could be interested to attend in Aklan like the worldwide popular Ati- Atihan Festival of Kalibo Aklan.

I will make my own personal research from people to places that a tourist can enjoy when they come over th Aklan for the Boracay beach. I’m sure that whatever we will find great and relaxing will also serve the purpose for other tourists who want to come over every summer vacation season. Watch out when we come back from there by mid-May as I feature everything I will learn for your Boracay vacation packages and guide that I think may be able to help others learn and have fun more than the beaches.


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  1. Just a hint… but you might want to have someone else write the review. I cannot understand you english usage.

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