Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent video earned millions of pageviews as the 47 year old singer from Scotland sang her way in the said video, Cry Me A River which was later on learned to be 10 years ago. Her voice was able to make it in a featured CD singing the song and uploaded in YouTube way back.

Getting revived, that song video by Susan was really amazing as her voice is crystal clear and I bet that she deserved to be called a talented British. Britain’s Got Talent judges at first thought that she was just another gal on the stage trying to impress them.

By the look on their faces, they couldn’t see anything special about this 47 year old singer. When she started her audition song rendition of I Dreamed the Dream after being asked generic questions, the audience gave her a thousand claps.

All the while the eyes of the 3 judges couldn’t seemingly believe the extreme talent that this woman had as you can see their eyes popped out of disbelief that Susan indeed caught not just their attention but also the thousands of audience watching Britain’s Got Talent that day. Watch Susan Boyle Video below.


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