Pinoy Bingo Night and How to Join

Pinoy Bingo Night is a primetime show on weekdays where people are really going crazy watching and hoping they can join in the show. I heard that there are ways to become a contestant on Pinoy Bingo Night but so far I found 3 basic steps on how to join and register in the show and play bingo.

First, you can register via text and the second is via registration at the official Pinoy Bingo Night website by ABS CBN. The last regsitration is by having coupons for drop boxes and filling them up with your personal information. This is called as the Pinoy Bingo Night homeviewer contestant portion.

For those who are interested, please just watch the weekdays episodes of Pinoy Bingo Night as the host, Ms. Kris Aquino announces a guide on how to join. You can also wait for the official announcement at the show commercials or intermission on how to be a homeviewer contestant or studio contestant.


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