Having ISP Problems with PLDT?

So let me try to fish out for some information if any of you out there can responsibly say that his/her ISP is not causing any problems. Well and good in my case I have PLDT as my ISP but so far I am having a good time with them with respect to internet speed.

In fact, I am planning to extend my connectivity with a few more mega bytes to increase the connection. I am content with my current set up with them but there are a few occasional problems which I personally think is part of the service. Overall, I like whatever I have here at home.

I am looking forward to increase or upgrade my DSL package this year to have a better time browsing the internet and my daughter is also looking for something else right now – speed in downloads. School is getting too demanding with students needing to go to the internet cafe because they don not have internet connection at home.

I am lucky we have one  and my daughter had her own PC dedicated just for her use in school and personal. What about you guys, are you content with the ISP handling your internet connection right now? Put them in your comments if you find this post. Chiao!


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