Will Google Really Buy Twitter?

It is said all over the internet that Google is looking to acquire Twitter, perhaps the most popular social networking website of today’s internet savvy and small to medium enterprise owners.

The reason for this is because Twitter is where you can easily find niche from where you can possibly market whatever business you have in your backyard. Another good thing about Twitter is the usabiliity issue which makes it easy even for the young generation to use.

Business owners or those who were into online business are all flocking down to spend some time in the said social networking website just to find out what keeping the competition busy in the site.

Apart from the fact that some have already confirmed interest in seeing through the possible ongoing talks between Google and Twitter with respect to Google’s intent to buy Twitter. At TechCrunch today I saw that the rumor was also posted about this issue.

Anyway, today in the morning I was surprised to see more news about the said subject matter and I found out that Google was no longer interested to buy Twitter. Let us see what happens in the coming days and months to this issue of acquiring by Google of one of the most popular social networking today. Tnomeralc Web Toys


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