Playing Follow the Leader

A friend of mine has been playing follow the leader for almost a month now regarding the Tnomeralc Web Design Toys SEO blogging contest and I must admit that this post is for him. I’ve seen how he made it to the top 10 but today is a little bit different. The reason is because after a month of off and on perseverance he is on top over the others.

Of course that is for some reason he cannot explain to me except that he is sure that for 3 days now, he haven’t been doing anything for his entry. While the others have been doing great with their link building techniques, my friend is sitting comfortably in his computer trying to figure out why the hell all his efforts seem to go nowhere.

Sometimes I personally cannot understand why he feels and thinks that way because I know that he did his best and today, when he saw that his entry is on top over the others, he asked me another question. Nah, I told him. First you ask why nothing has happened to your tnomeralc entry and then when you get your goal you ask me again what could you have done right. I told him that he should instead be glad that at first he is the one playing follow the leader and now the others are doing it over him. Race race race and follow the leader!


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