IE 8 Was Launched and Hacked Afterwards

It’s true, a day or so after the official launching of Internet Explorer 8 to the public for beta, it was already hacked. The scoop came and I just read about it in a friends blog but I cannot confirm yet about the hacking or how it happened.

I almost had it downloaded today when I learned about the fate of the said browser by MSN and I’m not sure what could have caused it or who was the culprit to this significant event in one of the 3 major search engines today. I’m not sure why these things happen today. Are the security issues for the search engines really more vulnerable today than yesterday?

Look at another example where a few days upon the official launching of the Google Chrome, it was bugged. Now what can we really do when these things happen and we have just done our job to try out the product (if I may call it that). Security is the biggest reasons why many big online companies spend a great deal amount of money and if the big ones get hit, so could they. Who’s safe and who’s not today?


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