I Got My PC Wormed Out

Yes, I got my PC wormed out and infected today. Not sure where I got it so right now while trying to post here in my blog, I am using my brother’s. I will be taking the PC to the repair station tomorrow but I am too busy with the last few requirements in school so I guess I will be taking my PC the next day.

I may not be as sure as I am but I think the worm got into my PC when it was used by my cousin who do not know what websites will be a safe venue or if they are not.


One thought on “I Got My PC Wormed Out

  1. If you can, get on your sick computer and go to the Microsoft website and download Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s free and better than any other virus protection because it’s in real-time(that means it’s live)so any new virus can eiasily be caught. But most people use virus protection that came from a disk. How does a disk know if there’s a new type of virus out there. It doesn’t, so I would try and go to M9icrosoft and download security essentials.heres a direct link if you can get to it from your pc, good luck.


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