Fresh Air from Cavite Subdivision in Crystal Aire

Just the other day, I went to Cavite near Trece Martirez, particularly in a subdivision near the Monterey meat processing center. I enjoyed the fresh air in that subdivision in Crystal Air and really went like almost not wanting to leave the place. It is where my parents live now and the little big mansion they have there is really neat and cozy especially this summer.

While the air in Metro Manila is as hot as a burning 375 degree oven, the air in that part of Cavite, in Crystal Air is really cool even in the middle of the shining sun at noon. You can sleep without having to run the airconditioning unit in your room and you can go anywhere you want withing the subdivision premises.

Just having some short 2-day vacation there and got to assemble the mountain bike that I have here for my father who want’s to take a short daily exercise this summer for fitness.  We were able to finish the assembly, my and my father and the bike is already good to go and we actually used it already yesterday. Thank god.


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