Weekend Restday Still Working

Today is Sunday and I was supposed to be working for me and my family only but here I am in front of my computer working for the sites that I have been developing content with. I’m not sure if this is the right decision but so far, I am trying to work my way for the laptop gift that I want to give myself.

I want to go mobile this summer because of too much heat coming from the sun. It’s summer time and I want to work harder this time just to see if I can make myself earn the laptop gift that I have always wanted for myself. I know it is very possible to get in 4 months time but what I am not sure about is the helper that I have here at home. No talk about that anymore.

I just want to work my way to that laptop and for now it is all that I am thinking about for myself because it will be the greatest and biggest gift that I want ever this year. I need to earn at least 80k Php to be able to get what I need but so far, there are only a few bucks and that will not do especially that I know I have to do more work.

It’s time to work out some more ways and think about other options to add up to what I have been doing now. I gotta go and spice myself up more so that I can arrive at this figure. To do it, I have to work at night for my own sites while in the morning, I will work for the partnership I have here at home. Good luck to me. I know I can do this.


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