Angels & Demons Movie by Tom Hanks

I can’t wait to watch Angels & Demons movie when it is already out in theaters. I hope that it will be simulcast all over the world simultaneously. I don’t want to miss this one. Angels & Demons will surely be the biggest hit this year and I bet that like the Da Vinci Code, it will take the interest of critics on both sides and all corners of the world.

The actual source of this movie is Angels & Demons book by Dan Brown and it is, according to some critics a prequel to the Da Vinci Code. Anyway, I am really excited to see this movie and the lead character who is Robert Langdon – Tom Hanks ( who in not a hunk ). Probably even more controversial and more critically acclaimed, Angels & Demons will surely get the interest of people from all sorts of religion and race for the sole reason that theology debates are already rising high on this movie. Just watch out, I know that this will be released sometime in May.


One thought on “Angels & Demons Movie by Tom Hanks

  1. Good Day to all i’m a fan of a angels i do beleave that there is a angel among us. my facination to angels bring me into making a story about angels and what are ther porpose. that why i’m excited to see the movie angels and demons. i wanted to see how the derectors would make the angels apears in the wide screen. and i would like to see if i can add ther poit of views on my story. for in my way of learning about angels. for me there is no other way of fulling as all back together as human but thrue angels. i cannot think of a better symbles or a figures that will simbolize god words and intention but thrue angels.


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