The Valentine that Never Was

I have always dreamed of getting in to a valentine date with someone who can make me smile the whole evening but it seems that there is no way that I will get this long-time wish of mine. The reason? It could be because I am not the type who would ask my man to do that for me. I am shy and I am always timid like a tamed tiger. So I guess this will make my valentine even more interesting to spend alone at home in front of my computer.

I already have a schedule of things that I can do for myself and one of them would be to seek for some of the most popular valentines day love quotes and txt messages that are cool. I personally like them and love reading along even if I spend time that could sometimes take me hours to learn that I spent that long reading stuff about valentine love quotes.

Well, next year maybe I can help myself make sure that I will get what I want, that which is the valentine that never was. A date that will make me smile and giggle the whole evening and come home happy and content. Next year!


3 thoughts on “The Valentine that Never Was

  1. I hope that you think in the sense of “The Valentine That Will Be”. You know what you want, you just have to reach out and get it. Even if you are shy you might be a lucky gal if you find that someone who will give you the best Valentine’s Day without you asking. If on the other hand you do want to ask there is nothing wrong with that, afterall comunication is very important. Think positive, I hope to read “The Valentine That Was” a year from now written by you.

    – Casper

  2. I know how that feels like and I wish you a happy valentine’s day. Don’t be discouraged though because this can change in the blink of an eye! You really never know when love will knock on your door.

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